I am an amateur photographer having taken up photography in late 2013. I quickly developed a huge passion for my new found hobby and use every opportunity possible to learn the craft and develop my skills. I am very lucky in that I am able to combine photography with another passion of mine, nature and wildlife. From big cats at wildlife parks, to small insects in our garden, there is no wildlife that I don't enjoy being around and taking photos of. Birding is something that I have a new interest in and plan on developing my skills in the near future.

Living in Derbyshire it is difficult to ignore the beauty of the landscape around and so it is no surprise that I often find myself on the hills somewhere capturing the stunning surroundings. I do also find that I enjoy most forms of photography, including sporting events and macro.

As I continue to learn and improve I will update my photos so I hope that you visit my site regularly and follow my progress.